Have you visited any African restaurants in the UK recently? Please share your experience. I have an interesting review on a Nigerian Restaurant in London – The Broadway Restaurant and Bar.


The Broadway Restaurant & Bar, London

I discovered The Broadway Restaurant and Bar, London by chance on my way back from a meeting in Deptford two weeks ago. The inscription on the window caught my attention and I became curious.

Nigerian Restaurant in London Review

After staring at the inscription for a while, I decided to pop in to see what they had to offer and if I could add it to my list of places to eat African food in London. As I stepped in, the waitress who was chatting with a lady (I later found out the lady was the owner) quickly came over and ushered me in with a cherry smile and I decided to stay on and have dinner. I spotted two other customers in a corner having drinks and chatting happily as they watched the movie showing on the flat screen. The interior is well furnished but some of the chairs had some dents with visible signs of wear and tear. However, that did not change the warm atmosphere in Broadway restaurant.

Nigerian Restaurant in London Review
The Bar

Nigerian Restaurant in London Review


The waitress was very courteous and displayed a high level of customer service that is uncommon in African restaurants. She was pleasant and had a smile through out. When she offered me the menu, I had a hard choice making up my mind but she was patient enough to wait and also offered suggestions.


I was in the mood for a 2 course meal so I ordered Breaded King Prawns and Chilli sauce as my starter as there weren’t any African inspired meal on the starter menu. The prawns were ok but they could have been better.

Nigerian Restaurant in London Review
Breaded King Prawns

Choosing a main was hard as I didn’t want anything heavy for dinner. After much deliberation, the waitress finally persuaded me to order Jollof Rice. You maybe wondering why she had to persuade me to order Jollof Rice, after all everyone loves Jollof rice! Well, for some reasons I never order Jollof rice at restaurants because I feel it is something I can always whip up in my kitchen anytime any day. But on this day, the staff at Broadway restaurant was able to convince me to try theirs and I was glad I did 🙂  So I ordered Jollof Rice, Piri-Piri Chicken and Fried Plantain. The jollof rice was not too spicy yet it was very tasty and the Piri-Piri chicken had all the right flavours running through it with every bite. I totally enjoyed my dinner. For drinks, I had a J20. My only grouse is that I wanted Jerk Chicken but they said it was not available so I had to settle for Piri-Piri chicken.

Nigerian Restaurant in London Review
Jollof Rice, PiriPiri Chicken and Fried Plantain


In total I spent £22.50 which I think is quite reasonable.


My dining experience at The Broadway Restaurant was very good. Environment was lively and it is suitable for parties and events. The service was on point and the food was prepared well. I don’t mind going back to order the same meal again. I will definitely visit again and will happily recommend it to anyone.

Interior / Ambience – 3

Customer Service – 4

Quality of food –  4

Value for money- 4


 broadway restaurant


1 Deptford High Street,
(020) 8691 5001


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