small business saturdayToday is Small Business Saturday. Small Business Saturday UK is a grassroots, non-commercial campaign, which highlights small business success and encourages consumers to ‘shop local’ and support small businesses in their communities. Though it is marked on the first Saturday in December each year, the campaign aims to have a lasting impact on small businesses all year round.

This is what we do everyday at Chopstreets.Com; supporting small food businesses of African and Caribbean descent.

tokunbos kitchen
(Alicia (Chale Let’s Eat), Vivian (Chopstreets), Tokunbo (Tokunbo’s Kitchen)

How can you the consumer support African and Caribbean Food businesses starting out or upcoming?

*By attending their events

*Purchasing tickets for their food events

*Paying for their services with legal tender rather than ‘exposure’ 🙄

*Don’t ask for unrealistic discounts except it is offered or it is reasonable (it’s a business not a charity)

*Give constructive feedback & leave a review on Chopstreets.Com 😀

*When collaborating, let it be mutually beneficial to both parties 👌🏽

west africa cooks
Vivian (Chopstreets), Chef Paule (Douceurs D’ivoire), Leslie (West Africa Cooks)

If you are offered a complimentary ticket/products by the business owner, fantastic!. But let the business owner make you an offer before you ‘pounce’ on them. Eezz not easy 😕 Remember, cooking is a labour of love. Buying tickets and paying for services will go a long way in supporting Small Business Owners!

lobster homeware
Simone and her mum (Lobster Homeware)


Onidodo Pan-African Supper Club and Chopstreets supporting Chosan Drinks


With the real MVP, Leslie (West Africa Cooks)

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