Lerato London is a contemporary African  pop-up restaurant created by Lerato Umah-Shaylor to share her love for African food and it’s representation of the diversity of the continent. She creates contemporary African recipes that celebrate provenance, seasonal foods as she fuses great African cultures and foods with that of the rest of the world. Her next pop-up is the African Afternoon Tea, the first of its kind, which celebrates not only the marriage of African and British cultures and foods, but the diversity in Africa. It is a representation of Lerato’s cooking influenced by her family, environment and appreciation for both cultures.


At African Afternoon Tea she will combine exquisite foods such as Madagascan cacao with organic British berries, Nigerian ‘Jos’ peppers, roasted plantains and Ghanaian cocoa, and edible English roses with African herbs such as the blue basil, fair trade single estate teas from Malawi, Kenya and South Africa, Tunisian dates, all well represented as complementary or individual flavours. She will be serving single estate teas from fair trade producers in Kenya, Malawi, South Africa and fair trade chocolate from Ghanaian cooperatives.


I hope to host monthly pop ups in London celebrating African food. I may be serving Malawi Antlers, also served at Claridges but this is not your typical English tea.

Lerato Umah-Shaylor is a food writer, Nigerian TV Chef, and former journalist living in England. She also writes a weekly food column for The Guardian in Nigeria. She has just returned from a foraging and research adventure around Nigeria, exploring recipes and preservation techniques used by the villagers in several parts the country, especially the Northern region. She uses these experiences as inspiration for creative recipes, her television shows and in writing.LERATO UMAH-SHAYLOR

I want people to fall in love with African food, its diverse origins, history, depth of flavour and it’s possibilities


Champagne on arrival


Homemade Honey Butter Rolls with Strawberry & Tomato Jam

My answer to the great British scone. Reminiscent of my childhood in Lagos, savouring soft sweet bread with tomato sauce for light lunch.

Lagos Angus Pie Or Lagos Portobello Pie

Organic Aberdeen Angus, heritage potatoes, Jos pepper. An ode to the moreish Nigerian meat pies. A staple in every home and at every occasion.

Akara Tarts

Steam baked honey beans, roasted peppers. Traditional west African bean fritters known as ‘Akara’.

Prawn Suya Rolls

African summer rolls of prawns grilled with aromatic ‘suya’ spices (a popular west African spice mix) crisp vegetables, coriander, mint, lovage, African Blue basil, lettuce & edible flowers.

Vegetable Suya Rolls

Suya, carrot, cucumber, pepper, lettuce, coriander, mint, lovage, African blue basil & edible flowers.


Madagascan Gold

Decadent chocolate cake with Madagascan cacao, ganache, & gold.

Chin Chin Mango Mousse

‘Chin chin’, a popular West African sweet cookie dough and mangoes inspired by my ‘mango & moringa fool’recipe from a wonderful experience I had with women selling mangoes under a bush of mango trees in Kodo Village, in Northern Nigeria.

Roasted Plantain & Nuts

My special recipe of the much loved ‘Boli’, a street food of roasted plantains eaten with peanuts. My mother’s insatiable appetite for these, and leaving a trail of peanuts everywhere inspired me to create one bite of decadence with plantain and nuts.

Plantain & Raspberry Chocolate Bark

Sweet plantains, Ghanaian cacao, West African nuts & butters.


Single estate highland Kenyan black tea

For a classic English style tea. Perfect for pairing with the savoury selection.

Malawi Antlers

Premium white tea from East Africa named after its distinctive features. Unlike most teas, the brew is derived from the dried shoots and not the tea leaves. A wonderful crisp, sweet, fruity yet floral tea served by the likes of Claridges.

Zobo Lemonade

My special blend of hibiscus flowers, lemon peel, lemon grass and organic English roses. This reminds me of rose champagne with a citrus zing, light enough to drink all day.


DATE: 11th September 2016
Time: 1pm
Price: £37 per head

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