What is Chopstreets?

Chopstreets is the No. 1 Directory for African & Caribbean Inspired food businesses In the U.K. It is a search and discovery web portal and app that provides in-depth information on African and Caribbean restaurants, Takeaways, Supper Clubs and Pop-ups in the U.K. The Chopstreets App will be launching soon. Be the first to know by subscribing here

Why join Chopstreets?

  • Chopstreets is beneficial to both the customers and the business owners and we want to ensure that you do not have a bad meal again
  • You can search for your favourite restaurants without creating an account. However, you will need an account in order to write a review about your dinning experiences, post photos, join the discussion forum and lots more.
  • Our vast community of food lovers share their reviews and photos, so you have all that you need to make an informed choice
  • We gather information from every restaurant on a regular basis to ensure our data is fresh

We would love you to join our foodie community and we are sure you would love it here.

What should I keep in mind when writing a review?

See our code of conduct here.

How do I make an edit on a restaurant?

Send an email to info@chopstreets.com. Chopstreets will review your suggestions and make the necessary edits. If a restaurant is closed, you can send us am email or leave a review for the restaurant, stating that it is closed.

Do reviews get removed?

Only reviews that violate our Code of Conduct gets removed.

Will Chopstreets remove or edit negative reviews if a restaurant pays for advertising?

No. We do not accept any form of compensation in return for reviews. Advertising on Chopstreets does not influence reviews as we want this platform to remain neutral and objective.

How can I contact Chopstreets?

Please contact us via our Contact Page