chef jason howard

Our Chopstreets Spotlight for the week is Chef Jason Howard. Based in London, Chef Jason Howard who is Barbadian born and Vincentian by decent, is marking his place in history as a Modern Caribbean chef. Infusing the flavors from his home cuisine with French cooking techniques, Jason creates intricately designed, stunning perfectly balanced and exquisitely presented dishes. Go through his Instagram page and you will see Caribbean dishes at its finest, served in a way you have never experienced before. Chef Howard was also one of the 4 Master Chef Pro finalist in 2015.

chef jason howard

Chef jason howard has had over 16 years of experience in all types of food establishments from pubs to michelin star restaurants, 5 star hotel and Boutique hotels at manager and supervisor levels. He has also hosted several Supper Clubs and Pop-Ups around the world. Jason aspires to be one of the worlds top Caribbean chefs, bringing Caribbean cuisine its first ever Michelin star.

chef jason howard
Well done Chef! 👍🏽

Instagragm: @Chefjasonhoward

Twitter: @Chefjasonhoward



Every Tuesday we do a Spotlight on Chefs/Home Cooks/Food Bloggers of African and Caribbean descent doing great things around the world.

  1. Wow! This is beautiful. We don’t get to see black chefs in main stream media. I would like to attend one of his Supper Clubs 😀

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