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Our Chopstreets Spotlight for the week is Alicia Ama of Chalé Let’s Eat.

Chalé! Let’s Eat was established in 2014 by Alicia Ama as a Street food Stall and since then the brand has expanded into doing pop-ups, residencies and private catering. Her cooking is greatly influenced by her family origins of Ghana, Togo and Guyana. She is on a mission to spread the good news of Ghanaian food in the U.K. According to Alicia, Ghanaian food is all about flavour, colour and being completely stuffed. She develops her own recipes and recreates classic Ghanaian recipes. Apart from her delicious food, her bubbly attitude and warm reception at her stall or pop-up is always something to look forward to.

alicia ama

Alicia reignited my love for Ghanaian food in March 2016 at her residency at The Craving Coffee and since then I haven’t looked back. Want to try Alicia’s food? Come down this weekend to @theafricacentre Pop-Up where she will be serving up some delicious Ghanaian food on Friday and Saturday between 12-4pm at The African Centre 66-68 Great Suffolk Street, London, SE1 0BL.

Alicia runs the Chalé! Let’s Eat Streetfood stall and Pop-up every Sunday at the Chatsworth Road Market, Hackney, E5 0LS. If you have tried Alicia’s food before or used her services before, add a rating here.

Instagragm: @Chaleletseat

Twitter: @ChaleLetsEat


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Keep shinning Alicia Ama!

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