280 Degrees African Restaurant and Bar sits quietly on Kilburn High Road, North London. It is a fairly new Nigerian Restaurant, where you can eat some good Nigerian food. I had never heard about 280 Degrees until last month when I was prowling the internet streets of London in search of African Restaurants.


280 Degrees African Restaurant

Yesterday, I had dinner, a very late dinner at the restaurant with the sister (also known as ‘my guest’). Commuting from South East London to North London is a bit of a distance and I sincerely hoped that the dinning experience would not be a futile one. From my findings, 280 Degrees have been in business for about 6 months plus.

280 Degrees African Restaurant

The interior is furnished to a high very taste and looks classy and elegant. I noticed that the orange colour theme and light gave the restaurant a vibrant look with great ambience. The restaurant had very few customers when we arrived and some left before we finished our meal. A football match was showing on the screen at the far end with two customers concentrating on the game and a different set of customers eating and chatting in another corner. The restaurant is a medium sized one and space has been well utilised.

280 Degrees African Restaurant

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chop street london


chop street london

My guest arrived before I did and and she said, though there was no one to show her to a table, someone she suspected to be the owner of the restaurant later came to her table and offered her a menu. When I arrived the same person came over to the table, welcomed me warmly and offered me the menu. I was quick to observe that there was no other staff around except him (the owner). I also noticed that more people came in to pick up their pre-ordered food rather than dinning in. Considering the fact that I had not eaten the whole day, I was in the mood for some solid food but ‘swallow’ in any form (Eba, Amala, Pounded Yam etc) was out of the question. The owner cum waiter quickly took our orders but the food took a while for it to come out. While we were eating, the owner came around again, introduced himself and had a little chat before leaving us to enjoy our food.


We both settled for main courses and a drink; no starter or dessert. I ordered Yam Porridge (Asaro), Plantain and Beef while  my guest ordered Yam Porridge with leafy green vegetables, Plantain and assorted meat. For drinks, I had Mango juice (£2.00) and she had Diet coke (£2.00). Yam Porridge also known as Asaro is a Nigerian dish that is more popular among the Yorubas in Western Nigeria.

Chop Street London
Yam Porridge with leafy green vegetables, Plantain and assorted meat £13.99

When I was placing the order, the owner tried to convince me in a rather comical way to order the Vegetable Porridge(£13.99) but I politely declined and insisted on just the plain Yam Porridge (£9.99). Both dishes were very tasty and delicious and the portions were quite big. The plantain (£4.99) was fried just the way I like my plantains fried; not soggy with oil or burnt. The Yam porridge was on point; not oily or too spicy, just right. It’s been a long time I ate Yam Porridge so eating a very good one yesterday simply made up for the period I missed it.

Chop Street London
Yam Porridge (Asaro), Plantain and Beef


Collectively we spent £37.96. I think the Yam Porridge with Vegetables was a bit pricey though, but my guest loved it and didn’t complain about the price.


My dinning experience at 280 degrees was good, though there is still room for improvement. The restaurant has a quiet and serene environment which is suitable for business lunch or dinner. Service was manageable and the food was tasty and delicious with a generous serving.

Interior / Ambience – 4

Customer Service – 3

Quality of food –  4

Value for money- 4



280 Kilburn High Road
020 7328 8832

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